From the simple faith of a child to the spiritual maturity that comes with age, people of all ages have many opportunities for growing in faith at First United Methodist Church.  All of our primary tasks relate directly to helping people grow as Christians and relate their lives to God.  Through outreach, worship, Christian Education, fellowship, and service within the church and community, opportunities for developing your faith abound.

        We’re often reminded that “you cannot know what a man experiences until you walk a mile in his shoes.”  That old adage has significant meaning for Christians as we strive to relate our lives to God through Jesus Christ.  You may wonder how you can begin to relate your life to God in a new church.  Each of us has many gifts to share; no gift is too small or too simple.  The possibilities are endless, and you can begin relating as you share of your time and talents.

        The ministries at First Church, whether for the very young or the senior adults in our church family, help you in developing your relationship with God.  Sunday morning activities for all age groups as well as weekday activities offer you the opportunity to become more connected to God and the church.  Your new church family is ready to walk with you as you continue your Christian journey.