Methodist Beliefs is a branch of Protestant Religion which one can trace its roots form 1739. This is during the time of Revival of England where reform moment had begun. This is a time where the two brothers John Wesley and his brother Charles brought in the three major concepts of the Methodist tradition which includes shun the evil and avoid partaking in wicked deeds, perform kind acts and abide by the rules of Almighty father. Methodism has seen a lot of change since they and today there two primary methodist churches: The United Methodist Church and the Wesleyan Church. Here are some methodist beliefs and practices of the church, which can help give you a better understanding.


Methodist Beliefs




Baptism is a sacrament or ceremony where the person is anointed with water which symbolises them being brought into the community. The water can be sprinkled, poured or immersed, which can help create a symbolic representation of inner cleansing and rebirth. A true methodist would believe that baptism is God’s gift to us and can be performed as soon as possible.



There are many sacraments of communion when any person is trying to partake in your body and blood symbolically. They acknowledge it to have redemption power and is a memorial of his suffering and death. They take this communion to be a token of love and union that christ has over one and another.


The Godhead

Methodists believe that all Christians are supposed to believe that God is one, true and holy. He has always existed and will forever continue to grow. He is the one who is all-knowing and powerful, who possesses infinite love and goodness as he is our creator.



This is one belief that people respect is the fact that God is three persons in one who is distinct and inseparable, eternally and one who has the true essence and power.


Jesus Christ

Jesus is one true God and one true man; he was the God on Earth who was conceived of a virgin. The was crucified for all sins of people, and he was the one who was physically resurrected to bring back the hope of eternal life. He is one saviour who will come to his followers, and it is by him that all men will be judged.


The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit proceeds from and begins with Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is the one who will make sure that the world is ensured that there is righteousness and also a lot of judgement. There are many faithful responses which can help ensure that you have the comfort, sustains and empowerment of the faithful and guides them into the light of truth.

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