Methodist Church

The Methodist Church holds a very special session where they convey general convention to determine the denominations of the policy from things like practising homosexuality and blessing same-sex couples. With the methodist church being the mainline denomination here are some facts that you need to know about them.


It is one of the largest mainline denomination

Within the United States, it is said that the Methodist church has the second largest protestant and the third largest Christian denomination. The Methodist church has the over 6.9 million lay members, 44,080 clergy and 31,8617 local churches.


The Methodist Movement

In the Year 1700s in England Anglican Minister and his followers formed their very own church which is organised in the year 1784. They wanted to stand against the slavery issue and also the methodist episcopal church of the South. The church saw its perfect exit ended in the year 1968 with the merger of the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren churches.




Connectionalism was the founding of Methodism

The church is defined by the formal structure of the lines of authority when it comes to pastor to pastor. This is a connection church which has seen to have a contrasting belief with congregationalism and which allows for the policy to consider the highest authority when it comes to the local congregation.


The Connectional structure

This structure has a group of people and churches which has the right structure. This is where the groups of local churches in the geographic area is organised to help form the right district which they connect during annual conferences. There are many regional conferences in the United States which can be divided into the main five areas which is known as jurisdiction, Northeastern, Southeastern, North Central, South Central and Western. There are many jurisdiction conferences which allow the globe to have the right general conference.


The International Body of delegates

The general conference of the international body has nearly the 1000 delegates which generally meets every four hours. There are many delegates that are elected by the annual gathering of these conferences. This is an official policy which allows them to speak for their denomination. Many clergies, Non-Clergy and Bishops have attended the right conference which can help give them the right vote.


The Foundational Documents of the methodical Church

The foundation documents of the UMC has the apostles, creed which allows you to have the right answers to the articles of the religion and the other Methodist church. These documents include sermons of the Wesley’s and other explanatory notes of the testaments. This also includes things in the book of disciples and the denomination of the basic statement which allows for the right convictions, which helped strengthen the bid between god and god’s creation.

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